My, What a Big Cart You Have: Breaking Down Two-Seater Carts

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[Editor's Note: I think I rejoiced -- loudly -- the day my oldest son decided he was "too big" for a cart at the store. Pushing those obnoxious, hard to handle, gargantuan two-seater carts through any store was always such a hassle. Kristi at Table for 3 4 recently broke down the differences in carts at various stores and, oh, did she make me laugh. Do you use two-seater carts? Which is your favorite? -Jenna]

The Art of the Cart:

At TargetAnd finally, the Cadillac of Carts. Or maybe the stretch limo. The "big cart" at Target.

If you've seen these carts in Target, and you don't have multiple small children close in age, you've probably wondered WHY in the WORLD anyone would choose this cart. I have to tell you, it's worse than you can imagine. It's so awkwardly long that it's difficult to steer, it feels incredibly obnoxious, AND our Target has new carts with new buckles that PINCH like crazy. So why do I choose this one? Because Liv is right on the border of being able to handle walking next to me through the store, and this cart entices her to ride instead. I prefer to keep my children captive, even when I trust them. So we load everyone up, including "Lefty", Liv's one-handed baby.

Photo Credit: jm_photos.

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