Letting Go of Cute PJs to Strive for Other Things

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Editor's Note: I tend not to argue clothing choices with my youngest son. He rarely matches, except for church, and I honestly just don't care. Why? I'm too busy making sure other things -- other necessary parenting battles -- are being taught, being won. I found myself nodding along with Carmen's post at Mom to the Screaming Masses. Some things are more important than cutesy, matching pajamas. (Though, funny enough, my youngest refuses to wear jammies that don't match. Kids.) -Jenna

The Myth of Matching Pajamas:

These days, I could not possibly care less what you wear to bed - as long as you aren't naked and you, you know, GO TO BED. After all, matching pajamas may look good, but they don't mean that you are a good human being.

Other things matter more to me now.

Politeness matters.

The ability to argue a point without alienating the opponent - and getting your point across without being offensive - well, that matters a whole heck of a lot to me.

Matchign Jammies, by Jenna

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