A Narrow Escape: I Almost Hosted A Mommy Meet-Up

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[Editor's Note: I. Love. This. Post. It manages to be funny, winsome, truthful, freewheeling and pointed all at the same time, while capturing the flow of daily life and daily thoughts. You know, the internal mom-dialogue we all have, wondering if we're measuring up, if life is measuring up, to our expectations. Dive in and enjoy Kiera Miller way with spinning a tale, from her blog Bringing Up Baby Bird.

I realized what I wanted to write about, but didn't know how to even begin writing about, was something I know other women, okay, at least one other woman in the world, maybe in India, must experience at some point after having a baby. It's an inevitable experience if you're even a tiny bit social: the anticipation of hosting your first mommy group.

Did I say anticipation? Oh. I meant high octane anxiety.

There's something about hosting more than one friend (or one unit of friends) that twangs my brain. One person, one family, one couple, and I'm good, fine, downright relaxed. Leave the dishes in the sink, the broom can stay out, who cares about all our shoes in the foyer? So what? People wear shoes. That dirty underwear in the bathroom? Whadayergonnado? Everyone's got 'em. The kotex pads stacked in the corner? Fine. The calendar hung by the toilet that documents not only my weight and exercise, but also my periods and, uh, when Copilot and I had sex? It can all stay. No biggie.


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Invite more than one person, family, or couple, more than one mama, and I get the urge to scrub corners with my teeth, organize the cleaning supplies under the sink alphabetically, fold underwear, rearrange framed photos and refrigerator magnets, make sure all the library books are neatly together and arranged in an attractive basket, and, by all means, hide the kotex and most certainly take down that calendar.

It takes me hours to get ready to host a group in order for me to feel prepared and not feel like jumping out the nearest window…

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