Natural Flea Control For Pets

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With summer approaching, flea season looms ahead. If you're trying to get green and lean, even with your pets, you might consider these chemical-free approaches to flea control:

"I've tried a LOT of different things to keep my pets flea free. Living on a farm and with so many animals it feels like a battle I just can't win. Some of the most popular flea treatments are monthly medications you give to your pets but I have found that these are not effective anymore. I will treat my pets with expensive medications and within a week the fleas are back. A dog trainer we were working with when my yellow lab Luna was a puppy told us that she heard from many other people that those medications are no longer working. Apparently the fleas are evolving, getting stronger and can resist the medications! The thought of Super Fleas is kind of terrifying isn't it? "


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Image credit: Mosman Council via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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