NBA Finals: Feelin' The Heat

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The Miami Heat sealed the deal on Thursday night; they are the new NBA Champions. Miami fans are ecstatic but other basketball fans around the country not so much. Bailey's Blast tries to put the championship, and the Heat's star player, in perspective.

Heat star LeBron James via

So much can be said about this series but the bottom line is that the Heat played harder, stronger, smarter and more aggressively than the Oklahoma City Thunder. OKC entered the finals with a striking blow to the Heat but they couldn’t keep the momentum going and on Thursday night they had a complete melt down losing 121-106.

MVP LeBron James put up his first triple double of the season. He finished with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assist. He called the win a dream come true and I’m sure he feels vindicated after all the media scrutiny he endured last year after losing to the Dallas Mavericks. That said…I have to side with Magic Johnson who said that none of these guys have reached Michael Jordan’s status yet.

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