I Went for a Pedicure and Got a Cross-Cultural Experience

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[Editor's Note: While I love mani-pedis as much as the next girl, sometimes the experience brings up uncomfortable ethnic and socio-economic disparities that make the experience Not. Relaxing. At. All. So I was touched by Sabrina's efforts to bridge linguistic and cultural differences to explain to her Muslim practices to a Korean nail tech. How's that for a spa day? --Grace]

I keep pulling my pant leg down trying to explain to her that I have “religious requirements that I follow,” but she hums a sound of thoughtfulness and then lifts it up again. Obviously I’ve miscommunicated. I think for a minute then pull my pant leg up and say, “woman,” then put it back down and say, “man.” Her eyebrows shoot upward. She gets it and tells me she doesn’t know much about my culture and also says she needs to learn better English. But I’m impressed that she knew the word “culture.” New girl guards my periodically exposed leg skin like it’s her only child.

Image Credit: dno1967b via Flickr

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