New Jersey High School Students Create a White Girl Club

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If high schools can have a French Club, Spanish Club and a Math Club, why can't they have a... White Girls Club? A group of students in Franklin, New Jersey did just that. A local newspaper reports that members posted racially insensitive comments and photos on social media, and have now been ordered to go to counseling.

Renee at Womanist Musings wonders what leads a group of teenagers to do such a thing:

A White Girl's club is certainly not needed anywhere in North America. Unsurprisingly, many of the comments on the linked article seek to defend the teams by claiming hypocrisy citing the possible intervention of the NAACP. A group dedicated to the advancement of Blacks is seen as racist by many of the commenters. Groups like the NAACP can only be deemed problematic by those refuse to admits the historic privilege which Whiteness has lived with for centuries and how this privilege has negatively impacted the lives of POC. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge that ongoing inequalities exist and claim that the pendulum has swung so far that Whiteness is now in fact systemically under attack.

Image Credit: MDPO1605 via Flickr

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