New Middle East Needs Fusion of Islam and Feminism

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The changing face of the Middle East involves politics, feminism and religion. And the role of women who continue to push for their rights is an interesting balance of political activism and religious expression. Author Isobel Coleman shares an excerpt from her new book Paradise Beneath Her Feet at Women's e-News:

The fact is that young Arab women today are more overtly religious than their mother's generation, but they are also significantly better educated, they are marrying later, having fewer children and more likely to work outside the home. Their demands for greater freedom have been building for years. The uprisings have played a role in mobilizing these women, who since the earliest days of upheaval have been on the frontlines of change. They have been protesting alongside men, blogging passionately and prolifically, covering the demonstrations as journalists and newscasters, launching social media campaigns, smuggling munitions and caring for the wounded.

Image Credit: Sarah Carr on Flickr, under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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