The New Normal

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I was thinking again of the lecture and panel discussion I attended in spring 2013 at my church for parents. The topic was not what I thought it would be so I found myself hearing this talk that I didn't expect to.I was thinking about this explanation or convincing that the panel tried to do to the parents. This was intended for parents of schooled kids as 100% of the parents talking and the teen who spoke were all talking about school and that way of life that exists in families when a child's major portion of their waking hours is inside school and under peer influence.They discussed how today's kids from middle and upper middle class families can go to school, take upper level classes, get high grades, play a varsity sport on a winning team, do other extra-curriculars, do community service volunteer work and work a part-time job all while drinking and being a pothead or a harder core drug user. . . .

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