The New Social Media Disease: Pinterest-Induced Self-Deprecation

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We've talked a lot about Pinterest's terms of service, as well as whether or not Pinterest is the Napster-equivalent for images, but we haven't really explored the most immediate effect of the social media site: it's ability to make you feel like crap about your crafting and cooking abilities.

Perfectly Cursed Life laments how spending time on Pinterest is bad for her self-esteem as she sees what everyone else can do that seems to elude her, including the ability to procure wood pallets.  She writes,

Suddenly I feel the urge to raise my vegetable garden from seeds instead of buying the plants themselves.  I have the desire to make sure there are creative meals to be had in my house.  I know I need to clean the rarely-used cookie sheets with a peroxide and baking soda mixture.  But I’ll be damned if I have any time or patience for these things.

Therein lies the problem: I start to feel that if I’m not doing these things like raising chickens for fresh eggs or using organic homemade toilet paper that I’m not doing things right.  And if I’m not doing things right, what kind of monster am I?

Some day, social media psychologists will coin a term for the lowered self-esteem that comes from surfing other people's gorgeous photos of their creative projects.  Do you also suffer from Pinterest-induced self-deprecation?

Photo Credit: Potato Stamp via Shutterstock.

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