A New Year’s Eve List

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1.) I find the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day to always be a little strange, you? 2.) There’s this excitement in the air, but also a post Christmas let down, and then you start to look back on the year and take stock of your life. 3.) I feel this, every year, but I kind of forget, you know? 4.) You feel like you should be doing something BIG on New Year’s Eve, and that somehow everybody else is having more fun than you are. 5.) Although I know from life experience that mostly going out on New Year’s Eve is as my husband put it, “a big con.” We’ve had enough expensive dinners over the years to realize that restaurants charge way more on this night and the food is generally way less good. The kitchen is overwhelmed. If you go for the early seating, you feel you’re missing out on the horn blowing at midnight, but if you go for the 10pm seating, you’re so tired by the time midnight rolls around you’re just praying to go home. . . .

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