New York Magazine Discovers Feminist Bloggers

BlogHer Spotlight

[Editor's Note: News flash: New York magazine has a story about the rise of the feminist blogosphere. It's a positive enough piece, but honestly, where have they been? In their survey of so-called ladyblogs, they also failed to mention one of our favorites--BlogHer--so really, how plugged-in can they be? Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky has her own thoughts about the story. What feminist blogs would you put on the list?--Mona]

She writes:

To be sure, some aspects of the piece really upset me. And I thought briefly about writing that blog post today, the one where I use the word 'problematic' a lot and hope for XYZ to be different next article. However, I’ve given it more thought, talked about it with my best girl friends (one of whom is a ladyblogger), and I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is: an article acknowledging that ladyblogs are a 'thing.'

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