Newborn Sleep Tips

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Newborns are the absolute sweetest ...until it's time to sleep and that is the last thing on their sweet little minds alllllllllllll night long. Julia screamed almost the entirety of her first night in the hospital which set the miserable stage for her the first several painful and virtually sleepless weeks of her life. Sebastian was better but not by much and Theo is by far our best newborn sleeper. What are we doing differently? Maybe nothing and I don't even have a full two weeks of life with our third newborn under my belt so take my advice with a grain of dubious. However, I've found these three little things to be very helpful in the "get-Theo-to-wake-up-fewer-than-four-times-a-night" arena. So far ... so okay. All appendages (and eyes) very much crossed. Does this mean he's never woken up 35 minutes after I've "put him down for the night"? Absolutely not ... but he hasn't screamed all night or really at all ... yet. Luck? Probably ... but it doesn't hurt to at least try the following ...

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