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I bought a set of sheets from Overstock and I am kind of meh about them.  The fabric feels good but the color is awful.  It's like russet potato brown and I ordered something along the lines of gold.  To add to the displeasure, the bottom sheet is tight enough that it's nearly unusable.  So: meh.I bought a reconditioned laptop from Amazon and the power cord doesn't work. Booooo!!!  Also, I think I ordered the wrong laptop. It doesn't look like what I thought I ordered and further investigation makes me believe I made a mistake.  I'm pretty sure that's on me and not on them.  I've emailed them and we'll see what happens.  I'm hoping to just upgrade for a minimal fee in conjunction with getting chumped by a bad power cord.I found myself yelling at the television the other day.  It was about the mother that doesn't allow the word Fat in her house at all.  It was prompted because a camp counselor told her five-year-old that soda makes you fat. . . .

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