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My social media streams have been filled to the brim with people buzzing about Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity. Released in the UK in February, there's been plenty of time for the excitement to build for the May 15 North American release. Those who have read it, love it. Those who haven't read it can't wait to get their hands on it. After her British spy plane crashes and she is arrested by the Gestapo, "Verity" gets a temporary stay of execution in exchange for a written confession of her Resistance activities. Does she tell the truth and betray her friends, including Maddie? Or is it all lies? Code Name Verity is more than your standard WWII historical novel. As Heidi says, it's also a novel about the power of friendship. - Karen

code name verity by elizabeth weinBut then, the reality is, Code Name Verity isn’t really about WWII. It’s about women who do what they love and what they are good at, not for the war effort, but because they can and they want to. It’s about friendship, comradery, and true bravery. Not the kind of bravery where you think ‘I’m going to do this because it’s the right thing do do’ or ‘it will save so many people’ or ‘I will sacrifice myself’, but the kind of bravery where you don’t even think because in your mind there is no other option.

I came to feel so strongly for both Maddie and Verity through Verity’s writings. There’s nothing quite like an indignant Scot (do not call one English…I get the same way when people say I’m from the Mid-West), and a girl who loves flying so much that she will risk her life to do it often. The equation drawn between love and friendship is beautiful and real in a way that makes Code Name Verity one of the most powerful stories of friendship I have ever read.

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