You Don't Have an ADHD Child

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes people don't realize what they're saying is offensive or hurtful because they've never been made aware, don't understand the connotations of what they're saying. I believe Penny's post at A Mom's View of ADHD is an important one. Our children are not defined by one thing in their lives, one struggle or one diagnosis. It is important for us, as adults, to acknowledge that with our word choice. -Jenna]

None of Us Have an "ADHD Child":

hopscotchNot one of us has an “ADHD child.” We have a child (or more than one) with ADHD… a child who has ADHD… etc. There is an enormous difference!

My child isn’t ADHD. ADHD doesn’t define who he is — it is only one part of him, and a small part of him at that. Does it feel like it defines him at times? Yes! Sure it does. I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t recognize that. But there is so much more to my child, and so much more to every child who has ADHD.


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