Norwex Giveaway

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Listen, I know that we are going to have people on both sides of this as some are die hard Bleach lovers, which is fine, and others are die hard make your own cleaning products with grass or whatever, and that’s fine too, but as I consider myself a middle grounder (one who tries to live a healthier more natural lifestyle but still uses every day products too) I thought I should tell you all why we use Norwex in our home and why I’ll never go back. So, I’ve invited my friend, Heather who I buy my Norwex from to share a little about why our home is so clean and why we love Norwex (click the link if you want to order as this isn’t a product you can just run to the store to buy, and yes it’s better than the knock off microfiber) A while back I attended one of those “come to a party where I sell you on why you should spend gobs of money on my product” parties and I didn’t go because I cared, I went to support a good friend. The problem is that I left totally sold and and have only fallen more in love with the products since so pretty much I was a fool to not care at first. . . .

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