The Mother's Learning Curve: I Know Less Now

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Editor's Note: I think mothering, the learning-curve of knowing how to do it, is kind of like the learning curve of life. As a teenager, didn't you know everything? I did! In college, I struggled a bit, but I was pretty smart. I entered the real world and, BAM! I realized I knew nothing. My mothering-curve has been similar. Prior to having kids, I knew everything. Then with one tiny infant, I was okay; I struggled some, but look at me go! Then I had two and they just keep growing and OMG I KNOW NOTHING. Erika at A Heart More Focused feels the same. What about you? -Jenna

Not Everything Gets Easier with Time:

So, here I sit. I'm the mother to one three year old and one 11 month old. Let me tell you, I feel like I know less than ever., I find myself dumbfounded by yet another miracle/lesson/whatever. Often, I'm down right stupefied. Who knew that Dylan, a month after his third birthday, would basically potty train himself? And, just a week or so after I gave up on pushing it. Or, that Wyatt, at 9 months old, would understand the words, "It's time for bed. Goodnight!" and instantly lay his head down and close his eyes while I stood there watching?! I used to spend like 30 minutes rubbing Dylan's back and then sprint out of the room the second he closed his eyes so he wouldn't protest.

Really, I think, all that gets "easier" with time is the constant guessing and the willingness to ask questions without worrying what others think.

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