Saying Goodbye to Being a Football Mom

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[Editor's Note: As a teen who was heavily involved in sports, I saw a lot of "Sports Parents" that made me cringe. I promised myself that I would be like my parents: un-embarrassing on the sidelines, not pressuring me to do more or be more than I wanted, and generally just awesome and supportive. Reading Mimi's post at Lipgloss & Binky made me realize that some day, I'll like a sport (or whatever) more than my sons will and I'll have to quietly say goodbye to whatever it is that they are leaving behind. Oh, parenting. So hard sometimes! -Jenna]

NOT Living Vicariously Through My Son:

Football Team PracticeWell the thing is I was looking forward to football season. Chatting with the other moms at practice, starting out the season baking in the sun during practice and totally appreciating the cool breeze as the fall progressed. Wearing my shirt… All of that.

...but he doesn’t want to play. It was my thought to make him play when the Mr. put his foot down and reminded me that he is old enough to know what he likes and doesn’t and that if he doesn’t want to play, we won’t be making him.

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