Note to Cristina: Don’t drink and tweet!

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Fed up as I am of the Edward Snowden espionage caper, the farcical aspects involving Latin American players keep drawing me back, Twenty-six hours ago, Evo Morales was incidentally in the picture, but when he flew out of Russia, his flight was detoured DRAMA IN THE SKY: Bolivian leader’s plane rerouted on fear Snowden aboard… Furor over denied airspace passage, refueling rights… ‘Act of aggression’ by France, Portugal, Spain… ‘Orders came from United States’… Austria finds ‘no sign’ Snowden on board… Bolivia enraged, accuses Austria of ‘kidnapping’… Bolivian president’s plane leaves Austria after enforced diversion Plane takes off after 13 hours in Vienna • Jet was diverted amid fears Snowden on board • France, Spain, Italy and Portugal accused of blocking airpsace • Snowden not on board say Austrian and Bolivian officials • Bolivia accuses United States of ‘hostile act’ • Summary of the day’s events Over in Buenos Aires, Cristina Fernandez was having conniptions over Evo’s detouring, and she tweeted it all in her official account, @CFKArgentina, which is now suspended. Correction: Account now visible Luckily for us, Monica Showalter copied and quick-translated Cristina’s stream of consciousness (if you want to call it that), so here it is, Me avisa que Ollanta va a convocar a reunión de UNASUR. Son las 00:25 AM. . . .

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