From Elmo to Pow Wows: Deciphering Toddler Speak

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[Editor's Note: Any parent of a toddler has had to play translator at one time or another: for a grandparent, a sibling or a complete stranger. However, there's nothing quite as gut-wrenching as when your own toddler -- whom you hear day in and day out -- is trying to tell you something and you just. don't. get. it. Lindsay at Peek-a-Berry shared a recent miscommunication issue with her daughter that had me nodding. Do you remember a similar misunderstanding with your toddler? -Jenna]

Now You're Speaking My Language. I Think:

Elmo - TMX eXtra Special Edition.Pow wow? Maybe she's in the mood for some girl gab...

"You want a pow wow? Ok. Let's read a book together. We'll chat," I say as I lead Erin into the family room. The trip is ten agonizing feet of muffled sobs and longing whimpers. "Mama... peas?" Erin begs. "Pow wow."

It was in that exact moment my heart broke into a million little pieces right there on the family room floor. I had absolutely no idea what my kid wanted. I had tried desperately to understand her, but I just couldn't. I had failed. So, of course, I did what any self-respecting mother would have done in my position: I stuffed her full of Cheerios and let her watch an additional twenty minutes of Sesame Street. ("Me Steet" for those of you following along with your own Toddler Dictionary).

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