Nudity, Toxic Waste, Criticism & a New Career

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Criticism. If you're able to fog a mirror, you may as well prepare yourself for someone to criticize you. If you own your own business or speak your voice, double that. Here's a good look at someone making the switch to a career as a writer and how she is dealing with a massive onslaught of criticism and other toxic responses.

Nothing I ever expected. Just a funny little piece about how folks handle naked in their families. Wow, people love a target for their toxic waste. As a writer trying to jump start a new career, I’m happy to be that target.

I thought I’d let some of the comments speak for themselves. My friend Brenda Cossman a law professor in the controversial areas of sexual diversity and anti-censorship, says you shouldn’t pay too much attention, if any, to the comments. Many are the railings of the disempowered and unaccountable. It’s possible Joe Blowmoi is not his real name.

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Credit Image: Casey Fox via Flickr

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