"Nurse Jackie" Shocker! Rehab Sucks!

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[Editor's Note: Premium cable is kicking arse lately and Showtime's Nurse Jackie is no exception. This season Edie Falco's anti-heroine finds herself in rehab, and the watching is good. Have you been tuning in to Nurse Jackie? --Morgan]


Image Courtesy of Showtime

It was clear when Jackie arrived at “Disneyland” last week on ‘Nurse Jackie’ (or rather the amusement park that is in-patient rehab) she wasn’t going to be able to get over on head counselor, Laura, but hot damn did Jackie get called out on her BS in this episode. I don’t know about Jackie but watching Laura finally confront her about “sucking at life” certainly made me feel like the monkey is off my back.

We’ve spent the past three seasons watching Jackie effortlessly and unremorsefully lie to just about everyone she cares about. Perhaps that’s why when asked about herself in group, all Jackie could come up with is “I’m a nurse.” It’s the only thing’s she completely honest about with everyone in her life. Is Jackie a mother, a wife, an addict? Well, that depends on who you talk to.


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