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Prolific actor Eli Wallach, only 98, remembered for his roles in such movies as The Godfather III, The Magnificent Seven, and as Clark Gable's sidekick in the doomed 1961 film The Misfits, died yesterday according to his daughter.He would often appear with his wife (from 1948), actress Anne Jackson, who survives him.Wallach was the last major cast member from The Misfits, outliving all of his co-stars by at least 45 years. The last co-star, Thelma Ritter, died way back in 1969. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, Montgomery Clift in 1966, and Clark Gable died right after production ended in 1960 thanks to the work stressing his heart.Wallach made so many film appearances but nobody bothered to nominate him for an Academy Award. . . .

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