Obituary of Somebody I Wish I Had NEVER Heard Of

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For nostalgia buffs, financier Charles Keating, only 90, the "Keating" of the Keating Five savings and loan scandal, died Monday night.It only goes to show that if you're filthy rich, you can't take it with you even if you are kicking and screaming. He spent five years in federal prison for defrauding thousands of investors through the failure of Lincoln Savings and Loan.Through it all, Keating maintained his innocence."They didn't know what they were talking about."The scandal nearly brought down Arizona Senators John McCain and Dennis DeConcini -- two of the so-called "Keating Five."Prominent politicians who accepted campaign money from Keating and then lobbied banking regulators on his behalf.McCain and DeConcini were reprimanded by the Senate, but both remained in office. Most likely this shit now would be entirely legal or at least Keating would never have been charged. . . .

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