On Single Motherhood & Pep Talks from Parents

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Editor's Note: Parenting brings the rough stuff without discrimination. Whether you're roughing it in a two parent home or forging it alone, you're going to face days that make you think, "Oh my goodness, what am I doing?" Lindsay at Lee La La faces this journey as a single mother and has found that pep talks from her parents help her get through the tough stuff. How do you get through "those days" that make you wonder? -Jenna

Oh Motherhood:

You are doing this parenting thing on your own Lindsay, and it’s hard.” “You are an amazing mom and it’s all going to pay off one day.”

Thank God for parents. I’ll never be to old for their pep talks. And being able to put my trust into their parenting wisdom is truly priceless. I am so grateful for the work they did on my sister and I’s lives and I strive to take pieces of that into my parenting technique with Landyn.

And even though my parents constantly build me up, I will never let my single parenting be a crutch for any of it. I am being stretched right now but this tough season will pass and I’ll welcome the next with open arms. Parenthood is so beautiful you guys.

Talking to parents
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