New Moms, You're Doing a Great Job

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[Editor's Note: Did you struggle with your kids this morning? How about on Sunday morning? Do you ever feel like you'll never be anywhere, especially church, on time and looking... normal? You're not alone. Gretchen at The Wright Place shares her memories of being a new mom and trying to get to church -- or anywhere. Do you remember being that new mom? -Jenna]

Old Mom, New Mom:

TransfixEventually, it got easier. Eventually I learned...eventually. I learned that this being a mamma job was NOT an easy job. It was the absolute most difficult task I'd ever been given and it was NOT easy day in and day out. I'm not sure why I'd expected it to be but those expectations were as unrealistic as my perception of my peers.

So today, as I sat in the pew watching the young mammas at work, I just wondered if they knew that their job is hard ESPECIALLY when they are doing it well. I wonder if they feel alone in their tasks sometimes, like I did. I wonder if they think that everyone ELSE has it all together and that they are the only ones who don't.


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