Adorable Fringe Skirt Made From Old T-Shirts

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[Editor's Note: When I first laid eyes on this skirt from Ashley at Make It Love It I fell in love. What a clever idea to layer T-shirts to get a fun fringed effect. Not only did I have plenty of T-shirts and tank tops begging to be recycled I felt inspired to make this skirt and add my own twist. Check out Ashley's how-to then might I suggest my tie-dye version for a grass hula skirt look. - Jen]

Ombre Fringe Skirt (made from old Tshirts)

This skirt is not only clever, it is easy to make: "the good news with knit, is that you don’t have to do any hemming. All of those little strips have raw edges but won’t fray. And if the strips get pulled on, the worse thing that will happen is that the edges will curl just a bit. And if it stretches out the strip a bit, just snip off the end so that it’s the same length as the other strips in its row. And it shouldn’t continue to pull after that. Easy as that. "

Ombre Fringe Skirt (made from old Tshirts)


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