Feminism and Race Can Co-exist. Really.

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There's a been a lot of talk lately about feminism and how it relates to women of color. And it seems that the further this debate goes on, the more entrenched various parties have become. That's why it's so refreshing to read Avory Faucette's post on Radically Queer, in which she urges her readers to stop debating and start listening, REALLY listening.

We need to acknowledge that we cannot know what it’s like to be an oppressed racial minority. Cannot. The end. Period. We don’t know because we’re queer, because we’re disabled, because we’re Jewish, because we were the nerdy kid in school. These things may have hurt us severely, but we need to stop playing Oppression Olympics and acknowledge that when we’re talking about race we Do. Not. Know. No more metaphors.

Image Credit: pweiskel08, via Flickr

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