One year in heaven

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It's been one year, and Connor still mentions his name. I don't know if he really remembers much, but I like to think Connor feels his presence in his heart.They would be turning 5 together in a few months, and I often imagine, as I watch Connor grow and interact with his friends, all of the funny conversations about superheroes they would be having now.Last year, a tragic accident happened in just minutes, seconds really, and piercing grief hit our family with the loss of my cousin's precious three-year-old son, Brody.I will never forget each second of Brody's services and the raw heartbreak that engulfed everyone. But I also know that God's healing presence, his divine strength and unwavering love were present too and have covered everyone since those terrible days.Brody is terribly missed.I think of him often when I am doing something with Connor, and I always cry when I reach the part in the book The Invisible String, where the little boy asks if his string reaches up to his loved one in heaven. . . .

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