Online Connections: I'm Not Alone

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Amy Gahran from Contentious shares the many instances in which online connections have enriched her life in personal ways. She cites a recent Pew study to back up her position, but I think you'll find you agree with her reasoning even without the research proof. She starts her story this way:

Social media, digital communication channels, and cell phones often get accused of alienating people, enabling bullies, and breaking down the human ties which are the foundation of society.

Bullshit. Personally, I am far happier on a day-to-day basis thanks to these technological tools. They have added considerable love, meaning, joy, and value to my life. With their help, I’ve been able to offer nurturing and support to far more people I care about than ever would have been possible otherwise.

woman using laptop
Woman Using Laptop by Tyler Olson via

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