Open Letter to LDS Church: We Need Equality

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[Editor's Note: In our society, sometimes there's this idea that fighting racism is for black people (or Latinas, or Asians, or Native Americans...). Well, The Mormon Child Bride doesn't think so! She's talking straight to the leaders of her religion, the LDS church, in this blog post. --Grace]

It was suggested to me, recently, that I should not be upset about racist comments from my church, because, and I think this may shock some of you, I am not black. I am not black, and (SPOILER ALERT) I am not a man. So while it is good that I stand up for things that seem wrong, (Really? Oh. Good.) I should focus on the things that apply to me, and not look for excuses to condemn the church.

Salt Lake Temple Sun Shadow, Image Credit: Midiman via Flickr

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