Kids Playing House Give Hope for the Future

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[Editor's Note: I remember playing house and family with my Kindergarten friends. I was always the mom and, oh, was I ever bossy. Shocking, I know. I wonder, however, if we ever gave the parents and teachers who overheard us any hope like a recent post by Jennifer at Bug and the Sweet Banana gives me for our kids' futures. Maybe. Just maybe. -Jenna]

Opened by Wonder:

Number 2"I'm the daddy," Connor said, "and Natalie is the mommy."

"You're the mommy, too, Mommy," my all-inclusive Natalie said. "Our babies have two mommies." She held up two fingers.

"I know three little girls who have two mommies," I said, thinking of my editor-innskeeper friends who own a bed and breakfast on Cape Cod.

"Oh, wow!" Connor said as Natalie chimed in, "Cool! Two mommies? They are so lucky."

Photo Credit: spilt-milk.

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