Our Life and Education Priority List For Our Kids

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Last night in a conversation with my husband, my younger son admitted to completely slacking off and not performing with his homeschool studies facilitated by me but asserts that he knows he's capable and would perform for a teacher in a class if he were in a school. So long as the work was of rigor and not stupid dumbed-down busywork.Here we go again with the puberty - teenage developmental phase of wanting to separate from mother and both parents by seeking an identity of their own and living with more separation and independence.And this is why we are again considering use of school, but this time, private school.---Our goals for our sons are:To be physically and mentally healthy and wellTo have good character and a value system, to be a good citizen, to be an asset to our society, to have an active role in the communityTo be educated, to learn not just "do school" or grade-strive, to be able to think critically and logically, to be an independent thinker who can express themselves clearlyTo be prepared for the next chapter after high school graduation that allows them to pursue the career of their desire, whatever that is: college or something else---If the above can be delivered by homeschooling, then homeschooling is a success.If the use of school is what it takes to achieve those goals, then school will be used.Parents may agree on the same goals but may find different paths to achieve those goals. Some kids achieve all of the above by attending public school or private school. . . .

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