Our Life List of Birds

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After resisting the 'nerdy' title of 'birder', just one movie enabled this blogger to not only embrace the hobby title but to rope in her entire family. This sweet step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to put together your own handy bird list while keep an eye on the sky for that chirpy visitor:

So, let's just say, that I've come to learn that watching birds is pretty fun. I'm fairly certain it's in my genes because for as long as I can remember my mom has been pointing birds out to me wherever we go (she got it from her mother), and now, I am realizing that I, too, am constantly pointing out who's who in our backyard.

But, it's not just me really, the kiddos like it too! It's a reason to look out the window. It's a reason to look something up in a book or on our "bird map" (what the kiddos call our bird identifier) or on the computer. It's a reason to learn something new. A reason to observe. So, taking some inspiration from "The Big Year" we decided why not begin a life list of the birds that we see...


Image: Martin Pettitt via Flickr


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