Mila the Great and Powerful: OZ's Mila Kunis Takes Over BBC1 Interview [VIDEO]

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[Editor's Note: Have you seen this video that's circulating of Mila Kunis being interviewed by interviewing BBC1 reporter Chris Stark during a recent junket for her upcoming Oz, The Great And Powerful? I girl crush on this girl so hard, and this interview only drives that home. Paula of Reel Life with Jane adds some inside perspective to the poor interviewers predicament. What do you think, and more importantly, are you psyched to see Oz?--Morgan]

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Kunis shows she has a great sense of humor as she takes control of the interview while the sweet but starstuck Stark fumbles.

By the way, interviewing celebrities who have been asked the same question a million times — most of whom don’t have Mila’s sense of humor — can be a grind, especially if the celeb doesn’t play along. I have had a few brain freezes myself when faced with an iconic movie star. All of a sudden you can’t think of anything to say as you are staring at this face in front of you on the red carpet that you are used to seeing on a gigantic screen.

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