Recipe for a Pain-Relieving Detox Bath

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Editor's Note: Long day of working in the garden? Chasing a toddler? Prepping for a triathalon? Sitting at a desk? What you need is a detox bath, a pain-relieving soak with simple ingredients. Let Birds Fly has a recipe for her favourite detox bath, and you likely have everything you need in your home right now (or can easily pick up any missing ingredients from the grocery store). Give this bath a try the next time you have aching muscles. --Mel

But I've found out that participating in detox baths are basically the only thing that makes my body feel better. This is a big thing for me. Basically nothing helps my pain, at least that lasts long. When I'm getting a massage, my pain eases while the massage is happening, but when it's done, my pain comes back. The relief I get from a detox bath ACTUALLY lasts longer than the bath itself!

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Have you ever had a detox bath? Do you have a favourite recipe?


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