The Paladin Prophecy and The Paladin Prophecy: Alliance, by Mark Frost

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The first two books in Mark Frost's Paladin Prophecy series go for the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to storytelling, mashing together fantasy (angels and demons!), science fiction (evil geneticists!), and action/suspense (martial arts smackdowns!) into a frenetic but entertaining literary roller-coaster ride. The Paladin Prophecy and The Paladin Prophecy: Alliance center around Will West, a seemingly ordinary boy whose parents have raised him to remember certain rules: always keep his head down, never stand out, don't get close to anyone. But when Will gets an inexplicably off-the-charts score on a standardized test, he is approached by a representative from The Center, a secretive but immensely influential school for gifted teens. . . .

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