Ever Feel Like You Need a Dictionary to Understand Your Kids?

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[Editor's Note: I have good news, parents. Your kids are listening to you! I also have bad news, of course. The problem, according to Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, is that your kids speak a different language than you. Have no fear! Robyn made us a Parent-to-Kid Dictionary so you can begin to understand what is your kids are hearing when you tell them to do something! -Jenna]

The Parent-to-Kid Dictionary:

DictionaryParent says: Stop pouting about walking to school in the rain.

Kid hears: If you keep pouting, a limousine will fly down from the sky and take you to the Video Game Planet, where all they eat is cake and buttery popcorn and nobody ever has to go to school or walk anywhere, which I never told you about before because I'm mean.


Photo Credit: greeblie.

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