Parenting Tip: Lay Out Your Kids' Clothes for the Whole Week

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[Editor's Note: This morning I thought I was doing a stellar job of getting everyone ready for school. As I got dressed, I realized that I forgot to make my son's lunch. Whoops. That said, I love this tip for easier mornings from JessieLeigh at Parenting Miracles: lay out the kids' clothes for the entire school week. Genius. I need to start doing this -- but I probably also need to start doing laundry. -Jenna]

Laying Our Kids' Clothes:

Laying out clothesNow, 8:25 really isn’t that early. I am well aware of this. And, in a perfect world, I would have plenty of time to help them pick out cutie-pie matching outfits in between frying their eggs and kissing my husband goodbye, careful not to leave a lipstick smudge– because, of course, my makeup would all be in place, right???

In reality, despite all my good planning, intentions, and even early-rising, a morning can quickly spiral out-of-control when my youngest has an accident in her underpants, my middle child announces that she thinks her contact popped out, and my oldest realizes he forgot his windbreaker at school (again). That’s just life and it’s best to go ahead and plan for it!

The number one way I help my mornings out is menu-planning and setting dishes out the night before. Priceless, I tell you.

But the other way I help keep our mornings moving smoothly, despite the inevitable bumps in the road?

I lay out the kids’ clothes for the week on Sunday afternoon.

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