Parents: You Can Say No to Early Intervention!

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[Editor's Note: While we tout and understand the vital importance that early intervention plays in the lives of some children, Word Nerd wants you to know that you have the right to refuse early intervention. She shared a scenario which is somewhat worrisome -- a child quiet around strangers but bubbly and out-going at home being forced into speech therapy. It happens; has it happened to you? She goes on to remind parents that they have a right to make decisions for their own child. It's an important post in many ways. -Jenna]

Label Crazy:

indecision diceThis sort of thing is happening all across the country. Children -- very young children -- are being labeled and then enrolled in specialty programs designed to address their special needs. For some of these kids, the need is genuine and in those cases, early intervention really is important. But for a host of others, one off half-hour with an early education interview team can alter the direction of a child’s first school experiences.

Many parents don’t know that they have the right to refuse the interviewers' recommendations and enroll their children in mainstream curriculum. Some even second guess what they know to be true of their own children, telling themselves that they should respect the views of those who have specialized training in recognizing early warning signs.

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