Las Posadas: Teaching My Children a Holiday Tradition

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[Editor's Note: Do you celebrate Las Posadas? In many Latin American countries, the nine days leading up to Christmas are for re-enacting the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem -- by visiting loved ones and celebrating with traditional foods and drinks. Becky at Spanglish Baby writes about how she is teaching her children about this celebration. --Grace]

When my husband was growing up in Mexico City, his family and friends would celebrate Las Posadas every December. “Las Posadas” (which means “lodging”) is a lovely tradition celebrated the 9 days preceding Christmas (the number representing the nine months of pregnancy that Mary carried Jesus). Though before getting married I had never been invited to a posadas party, once we had children we began to incorporate this custom into our family, with some adaptations (usually only having one posada instead of the traditional 9!). We celebrate this with friends and family to teach our children about the birth of Jesus and to incorporate an important Mexican cultural tradition into our Christmas.

Image Credit: txbowen via Flickr

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