PSU Scandal Recalls Women's Basketball Controversy

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Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno will retire at the end of the season, he said Wednesday in a statement. Paterno's move comes in the wake of a child sex abuse scandal a former assistant football coach and the subsequent cover-up by PSU officials.

There are lots of great blog posts about Paterno, his legacy, his downfall and the end of an era at Penn State (e.g. Grantland's Growing Up Penn State, The Fall of a Lion).

Paterno's resignation recalls another Penn State sports controversy.The last time Penn State fell under scrutiny was in 2005 when a women’s basketball player accused longtime Lady Lions coach Rene Portland of sexual discrimination, running the player off the team for being perceived as a lesbian. Ken, who discusses gender in sport at After Atalanta, writes:

Of course Penn State was going to cover up the abuse perpetuated by one of its coaches. Of course the institution that sheltered openly homophobic and not-so-openly racist basketball coach Rene Portland for years--years--would cover up for a former assistant football coach who was engaging in sexual acts with young boys. It reminds me of the stories we hear about corruption within police departments. The denial, the looking the other way behaviors, and the active cover-ups meant to protect one of their own.

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