Paul Frank Apologizes to Native Americans for Pow Wow Theme

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Brands, take note! Paul Frank Industries was recently criticized by the Native American community over their "Dream Catchin' Powwow" party for Fashion's Night Out. Instead of dodging the question or issuing a vague non-apology, President of Paul Frank Industries Elie Dekel responded via email to Adrienne from Native Appropriations, and followed up with a phone call. Check out what Adrienne has to say:

The phone call went so much better than I could have even imagined. Elie was gracious, sincere, and kind from the beginning, and truly apologetic. He took full responsibility for the event, and said he wanted to make sure that this was something that never happened again, and wanted to learn more so he could educate his staff and colleagues. We talked about the history of representations of Native people in the US, and I even got into the issues of power and privilege at play--and the whole time, he actually listened, and understood. Such a refreshing experience.

Image Credit: Native Approriations

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