Why I Stopped Saying "I'm So Busy"

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Editor's note: Ask someone "How are you?" these days, the most times the answer will be something along the lines of "I'm so busy." That, at least, is how one blogger named Jen responded to most people's queries. But it got her wondering: Does mentioning our over-packed schedules all the time only compound our stress levels? So she's decided to try a different tact and ban "busy" from her small-talk vocabulary. It's a great idea, one I plan to follow myself. – Judy

I’m trying to change my approach to busy. Instead of auto-robot responding to “how’s work going” or “how’s life” with “ugh, same, so crazy busy,” I’m looking for more meaningful responses. It’s kinda along the same vein of someone asking, “how are you?” and you responding with, “good.” How much does it change the exchange of pleasantries when you break the mold and say something like, “you know, I’m having a really awesome day” or being honest and saying, “to be truthful, I’m having a down day but I’m hoping that seeing my kids/taking a yoga class/my run later will cheer me up.”

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