People and Things Against Feminism

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So a bunch of women are gathering on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook as #WomenAgainstFeminism, proclaiming how very much they don’t need feminism. And they get to do that. The sacrifices made by feminists and womanists throughout history have gotten us to a place where women are free to reject feminism on the grounds that since my husband is nice to me, I’m too smart and strong to ever get myself raped, I don’t personally feel threatened by street harassment, I’ve never personally been stopped from doing something I want to do because of my gender, I receive no pushback or consequences for dressing the way I want, I want and am ready to have kids, I’ve never personally been silenced, I like shaving my legs, I’m free to marry the person I love, my religion doesn’t require me to do anything I wouldn’t want to do anyway, I’m a lady, I personally find fulfillment in being a wife and a mother, I don’t even want to work outside the home, health care is easy for me to come by, and obviously nobody else is facing such issues, and if they are it’s their own fault for being big ol’ slutbags, what do I need with a movement that supports people who aren’t me? . . .

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