A Perfect Fall Saturday

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A travel adventure need not take one far from home. Sometimes, all it takes is a sense of adventure and a lot of googling:

"This past Saturday, we took a mini road trip 30 minutes outside of Columbus to Marmon Valley to go horseback riding. I might have said it once or twice before (do you sense my sarcasm?), but fall is our favorite time of year and every year we try to soak it up as much as possible. As a couple, Billy and I really enjoy finding new places to go in Ohio and we try to plan weekend activities that are different from what everyone else is doing. We google, and google, and google some more until we find something that we just can't pass up {meaning-I do this}. We love to spend time outdoors, and horseback riding is something we love to do even when traveling to other cities (like how we went in Charlotte-read here), so why wouldn't we go in our own state? "


Fall Day


Image credit: Paul Stainthorp via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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