It's Okay to Be a Real Mom

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[Editor's Note: You know that mom that looks like she has it all together at school pick up? Chances are she's just as human as you. Kira at The Counselor Mom feels the pressure to be the perfect mom since she is a child counselor, but she wants to assure you that real moms are okay. That's good! Because I'm far from perfect! -Jenna]

The Perfect Mother:

Anastasia eat pizzzza....A lot of moms out there look like they have it all together, but in real life, they are getting the syrup off the sofa, the poop off the towels in the bathroom, and at 6pm when they are about to feed the kids, look in the fridge and see it empty with just a frozen meal sitting in the freezer.

Real moms realize this and accept it and embrace it. Real moms know it's okay to have frozen pizza for breakfast. Real moms watch their toddlers have a temper tantrum and will sit down and cry right next to them.


Photo Credit: Alesist.

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