How to Make a Perfect White Cake That's Even Better Than the Bakery's

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Editor’s note: Baking the perfect layer cake has always seemed daunting to me, so no matter how special the occasion, I usually just buy a cake from a bakery. Amanda from I Am Baker makes baking this Perfect White Cake seem almost effortless. I just may make it for my son's second birthday. --Jane

I have been searching for this cake for about two years now. In my experience, making white cake at home is just never as good as the bakery. (Sorry! I know some of you just cringed reading that.) Until now. I am not kidding when I tell you that this recipe is it. The flavor is fantastic and the texture is truly perfection. Even the pickiest-dessert-eater ever, aka my hubby, loved it.

White Layer Cake
Image: Courtesy of I Am Baker

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