Persimmon Galette With Brown Rice-Cornmeal Tart Crust

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[Editor's Note: I hadn't had much experience with persimmons before I moved to California. They're such an interesting and cheery fruit, but they come in two varieties: Fuyu, which are eaten in their firm state, and Hachiya, which must be so ripe they feel like a water balloon in the hand before they are ready to eat. This galette uses the Fuyu variety, and is a rustic, lovely option for a low-key dessert while these wonderful fruits are in season. --Genie]

Persimmon Galette With Brown Rice-Cornmeal Crust

I found that the crust generally held together pretty well, though parts of it did break apart easily, so don’t be frustrated if that happens! The final product did present beautifully (if not totally symmetrically), with a nice flaky texture and buttery taste. You can also try this recipe with other fall fruit such as pears or apples (however I would suggest not using as much maple syrup as these fruits are juicier and sweeter than persimmons).

Persimmon Galette

Image Credit: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, used by permission.

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